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Author: Alex Secondcrew

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Tech Brief: Cucumber and Appvance UTP

Dramatically increase the value of Cucumber with Appvance UTP Cucumber and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) are smart choices for software development and QA teams. Combining your existing Cucumber BDD scripts with Appvance UTP super-charges your teams to DevOps speeds—with no additional coding. In the first week, teams can quickly improve test coverage and improve team productivity.

What demolishing the QA wall looks like

What demolishing the QA wall looks like By Gene Kim, Award-winning CTO, Author and DevOps Enthusiast At Appvance, we’re passionate about helping companies break through the QA Wall—a bottleneck created because legacy software test automation tools were not designed to move as fast as Dev and Ops can now move. We talk with enterprise technology…
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Datasheet: Appvance IQ

Datasheet: Appvance IQ Appvance IQ is the first AI-driven software test automation platform. So revolutionary, it transforms software QA. Built from the ground-up to be DevOps-ready, Appvance IQ combines multiple test types with the unique write-once methodology. The result is faster, better and more productive testing operations for all applications.