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Mobile AI

Mobile AI in Appvance IQ extends the AI capabilities available for years for web applications to native mobile apps. No coding or scripting. Just pure test results, up to 100,000X faster than human scripting.

The process is the same as Appvance’s web technology.

  1. Setup AI hints. These help to guide the engine in the right direction.
  2. Setup forms which will be data driven and the resource with the data (CSV, DB etc.)
  3. Setup app-wide validations
  4. Store the above as a template to be re-used at each build
  5. Launch an AI Blueprint (from CI) against your new build (<60min depending on # of threads)
  6. Evaluate reported errors
  7. Launch regression tests (these are generated by scanning the standard W3C production logs which provide hints of actual user stories) (<60min depending on # of threads and use cases)
  8. Review dashboards of results and repeat steps 5-8 on each new build