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Harness the superhuman power of AI Generated Tests

Find bugs automatically and get the scripts to reproduce…all machine generated.

AI driven testing and script creation is a breakthrough in software testing. Reduce labor to near zero and gain near 100% code coverage, finding more bugs faster than any other technology.

The AI system automatically generates valid user flows and tests for any new application. Data-driven. No logs or add-ons to your application.

+ AI created tests are fully machine generated without user intervention or recording and vastly more comprehensive than manually-created scripts.

++ AI Scripting is in addition to the optional Automatic Real Regression Testing.

AI Testing Benefits

Instant Reports & Scripts

The AI Blueprint engine can generate broad user stories and tests by itself with little input usually in an hour or less. No recording, scripting or logs required. Optionally, these flows can be further tuned by parsing production logs. While the machine learning, blueprint generation phase may take an hour of machine time, real regression script generation take just a few more minutes, leading to nearly instant user stories and regression tests, which often number in the thousands.

Complete Coverage

The AI Blueprint engine is like an army of smart bots, driven by the need to find application errors and validate functionality. No logs required.
Optionally, the system can parse standard production logs, which tunes the blueprint use cases to everything real users do without ever adding anything (like illegal tracking code) to your application. Even failed user actions get scripted, whether the failure is due to poor design or bugs. Complete test coverage like this is unprecedented and impossible for unaided humans to replicate.  

User Driven Testing

Optionally, yser activity drives AI Scripting, without adding any trackers to your code, making it ideal for exact regression testing, since it captures everything users do and attempt to do.

Appvance IQ generates scripts for even failed user actions, allowing it to flag bugs that may go unreported.


Machine Learning

AI testing first produces an Application Blueprint by using a machine learning engine to comb through even the most complex apps like a myriad of smart bots. Various machine learning techniques are used to ascertain the app’s function and purpose, how it forms server requests, what data it requires, and how server responses correlate to future requests. This generates thousands of user flows without any recording or logs or any intervention. 

Application Blueprint

The Application Blueprint created by the machine learning engine encapsulates a deep understanding of the flows and actions of the application-under-test. The Blueprint user flows, which are autonomously generated, become 1000’s of scripts autonomously generated at each new build. They can be further tuned through a big-data analysis of how real users navigate the application by interrogating the standard W3C production logs.

Real Regression Tests

Script generation for regression tests is the result of cognitive processing that uses the Application Blueprint as a guide to what is possible in the application-under-test, and server logs as a big data source of actual user activity. No illegal privacy-infringing tracking needs to be added to your application!
Cognitive Script Generation produces a script portfolio that accurately represents what users did or attempted to do, and better tunes the machine generated flows from the Blueprint.

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