Appvance PerformanceCloud

The Next Generation of Performance Testing

The only Agile app performance testing platform that drives true beginning-to-end validation, 20X faster than old tools (like LoadRunner), so you can debug and deliver successful apps on Web, Ajax, Mobile, and publishing platforms, more rapidly than ever before. Once you see PerformanceCloud, you won’t go back. Request a demo for your team now.

Appvance PerformanceCloud (APC) is a complete solution – test tools, methodology, platform – for testing modern apps for performance and security. APC tests Web and Ajax apps, SOA services, Message (EMS, BPM) apps, mobile apps, and Oracle forms apps (and many others). Test apps while they are being developed by repurposing your unit tests to be functional tests, and repurpose the same tests to be performance and even security tests. Drive sites and apps from one to millions of concurrent users all from the cloud, or your local grid, or both. Create user scenarios/profiles in hours – instead of the usual days or weeks – and with no coding necessary. And drive these automatically after every build from your Agile Platform (like Hudson, Jenkins, Cloudbees, rally etc.). Tests drive the app from end-to-end, at a protocol level, or both. APC takes your testing deeper, faster, and larger than ever possible before.

Test Faster, Deeper, Larger
Appvance PerformanceCloud (APC) is the easiest way to surface performance bottlenecks and functional issues in the way you build modern apps: Ajax, Browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, WebKit, Mobile Web browsers), MQ/BPM/ESB, SOA, SOAP/REST, Oracle Forms etc. APC rapidly puts a proven methodology into your hands for a test platform that is completely browser-based, runs tests in grid and cloud environments, pinpoints root causes and offers mitigation. APC repurposes a single test script to be a functional test (smoke tests, regression tests,) load and performance test (scalability tests, stress tests,) and production monitors. That test script is an Appvance Designer Script, Selenium test, Sahi test, SoapUI test suite, and/or unit test written in Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP. The ease of test authoring means your test team will deliver more actionable test results, sooner, and with deeper analysis of the results.

Compliments Your Existing Test Platform
APC works with modern test platforms. Re-imagine HP LoadRunner handling Ajax apps with ease, each and everytime. Imagine testing SOAP and REST services without additional expensive protocol handlers. Imagine running your Selenium scripts as performance tests in a global grid of test injectors. Imagine connecting your Jenkins continuous integration server with APC, LoadRunner, Selenium, and any other test platform. That is Appvance innovation. And it results in increased productivity for your entire development cycle and team.

Isolate Performance Bottlenecks
APC uniquely drives 100% of the end-user experience by driving the app through the browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, webkit etc.), at the protocol level, or both. Drives true user behavior from the Cloud, from your local grid of test machines, or both. Tests up to millions of virtual users. Immediate access to live drill-down reports surface the root cause of performance & security bottlenecks or failures.

Increase App Availability and Performance
Apps testing with APC have had their scalability issues surfaced and resolved. APC testing and results analysis identifies why your app does not scale. APC methodology and expert product support identify the issues you will encounter and how to solve them in a Scalable Architecture using Integration, BPM, ESB, NoSQL, BigData technology.

Modernize Your App Development the Agile Build-And-Test Way
APC is a powerful integrated test platform for functional testing, performance testing, and Application Performance Management (APM) all correlated into one solution. APC integrates Continuous Integration (CI), source code repositories (GIT, svn, cvs), test management (HP QC, Rally, Jira), scheduling (Jenkins) into one solution.

Appvance CEO: Why should you choose Appvance technology?

Live Or Die By Your App Launch
Does anyone want to see if their career survives a bad app launch? APC applies business risk analysis when testing an app under development. APC surfaces the career ending issues your engineers, offshore contractors, Dev Ops, IT managers, and digital agencies baked into your app.

Appvance Designer Creates User Profiles With No Coding
Designer is a Web and Ajax recording environment for creating functional tests. Designer comes uses Patent Pending uxAvatar(TM) technology to drive Ajax apps in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Export recorded user profiles/scenarios to Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby test scripts. Or just run Designer Scripts from APC with no coding.

Getting The Entire Picture of App Performance
Discover issues in virtually all apps with complex user scenarios. Run multiple user profiles/scenarios concurrently in performance and security tests. Run end-to-end browser-based app tests concurrently with HTTP, SOAP, REST, ESB, BPM protocol-level tests.

Agile Methodology, Continuous Integration, and Test Automation
APC includes continuous integration with Jenkins, source code repository with GIT, svn, test management for Agile story mapping to test use cases with Rally, and Cloud/Grid automation with the clients to Amazon Web Services (AWS) built-in. APC solutions automate 100% of the Agile methodology.

Correlated Application Performance Management (APM)
Continuous server resource monitoring and data compilation correlated with virtual user test activity. Compatible with DynaTrace, New Relic, and the Appvance PTTMonitor, or a combination of all.

Global Test Cloud
Run tests locally in your test equipment, from the Appvance Cloud, Amazon AWS, RackSpace OpenStack, Azure, Savvis, or any combination. APC drives real end-to-end tests from 50 locations around the world.

Already Supports Your Backend Systems
APC is fully compatible with TIBCO, Oracle, IBM, Redhat, Jboss, Microsoft, Mulesoft, Software AG platforms. Appvance Global Services are experts at these platforms and often answer our customers most burning question: “Why will my app not scale?” For these organizations, APC and Appvance Services is the solution.

Easy to Use Record-Play-Results Interface Drives Rapid Adoption
Advanced uxAvatar Designer is 100% graphical record/play no-code environment. Scripting: Selenium, Java, Python, Ruby, Groovy, C#, Perl, PHP. Full service suite for SOAP/REST (WSDL, WADL) 100% graphical. Test Ajax, Mobile, Web, HTML5, Flex/Flash, Oracle Forms, WebLogic. Workflows including Tibco, IBM, Oracle, Jboss, Mule, WebMethods