Appvance Designer 3 is the most advanced script automation creation and editing technology in the world.

  • Codeless test case creation – just use your application and designer does the rest
  • 10X faster than writing Selenium scripts – Wicked fast to capture new UX test cases
  • Appvance Visual Replay changes the game for fixing bugs found by testing
  • Simpler to maintain tests
  • Can be fully integrated with Appvance AI-powered Driverless Testing to automatically generate test cases based on user behavior
  • Incredibly powerful script editor allows for complex javascript functions, including conditionals and loops
  • Outperforms legacy tools like UFT, QTP, Testim, TriCentis and others
  • Test automation script creation has never been easier or faster!
machine learning

Designer Learns How To Find Elements

Appvance Designer utilizes machine learning to learn how to identify elements the first time, and then continues to learn more ways to identify them during subsequent test runs, even when elements have moved or changed shape. Appvance keeps your scripts largely maintenance free!

Not Your Father’s “Recorder”

Unlike old-style recorders that never worked, Appvance Designer utilizes a small embedded proxy which watches the DOM and AJAX calls inside any browser, and writes your script as you use the application.

Playback Any Test With Full VISUAL REPLAY

Appvance Designer uniquely lets you replay any test, bit for bit, image for image, at any time, even months after your app build and server are gone. Dev can always see exactly where the bugs are and how to solve them by replaying tests exactly as they played out when the original test ran.

Designed for Modern Applications

Easily capture and interact with complex elements and structures, including HTML5, AJAX, AngularJS and ReactJS.