Appvance Adds JMeter Testing To PerformanceCloud

Moves JMeter into Ajax, APM, cloud testing and large organization test management

appvanceperformancecloudSan Jose, CA April 15, 2014 – Appvance Inc., a leader in app performance testing, announced today the addition of JMeter compatibility in Appvance PerformanceCloud, its next generation cloud testing platform that combines functional, performance, stress, load tests and APM. JMeter is widely used by individual software performance engineers and testers. PerformanceCloud provides large organizations with a standard way to roll-out and maintain JMeter tests through standard grid and cloud test server infrastructure, test management services, and Agile processes.

Appvance PerformanceCloud (APC) is the first beginning-to-end test system which accurately drives 100% of the actual user interactions, even with complex HTML5 and AJAX client-side code. Apache JMeter is an Apache project to test Web applications at the HTTP protocol level. Adding the ability to re-use existing JMeter scripts with the Appvance cloud testing platform enables JMeter users to test Web apps, Ajax apps, Mobile (iOS/Android), and Oracle Forms apps.


The new features include:

  • Repurpose existing JMeter 2.11 or later Scripts
  • Deliver 15 Reports from a Web-based Results Repository
  • Use For Functional and Performance Analysis
  • Create Data Driven JMeter Tests from RDBMS, CSV, Properties
  • Live Web-based Results, Drill Downs to Request/Response Level As The Tests Run
  • Run in AWS Cloud, Private Grid datacenter, or Both
  • Combine JMeter protocol level tests with Ajax Browser Beginning-To-End Tests


From the latest JavaScript to legacy Oracle Forms, from video to mobile, APC drives substantially higher productivity in SQA, and thus deeper analysis. APC, which runs in a public cloud or in a private cloud behind the firewall, fully supports Agile workflows, available in public or private cloud, compatible with popular scripting languages such as Selenium and Sahi for all test methods, and includes Appvance’s patent-pending uxAvatar™ technology, that allows even complex sites and apps to be tested without coding. APC requires no installation and runs fully within any browser, including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Mobile Web browsers.

Frank Cohen, CTO and Founder at Appvance noted: “Many clients started small with JMeter but eventually realized they could not execute the full end-user experience of an Ajax app with JMeter alone. They needed to move up to deeper testing and analysis, and use their existing JMeter skills and work. That capability has now arrived in Appvance PerformanceCloud.”

About Appvance Inc.

Appvance is the leader in proof of performance and security-performance for mobile and social media apps for large enterprises. Using Appvance software and services, developers, IT managers and brand executives are confident their apps will perform and be secure even under the stress of large events and campaigns. Appvance PerformanceCloud with patent-pending uxAvatar technology finds app problems and security holes other platforms miss. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Appvance is a venture-backed company led by a team of experienced technology executives.

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