On-Prem or In The Cloud!

Supercharge QA & Devops with the Appvance Unified Test Platform.

Installed fully behind your firewall, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Complete flexibility and security to work how you need to work.

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The Technology Leader in Performance Testing

“With the release of APC2, Appvance is the undisputed technology leader
in functional, performance and load testing software for the enterprise”

No tool or other platform provides testers with the level of
features, analysis, importing of existing scripts, scripts testing
beginning to end data-driven performance tests and improved productivity.

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The New Platform for Serious Test Teams

With a market full of overhyped tools, it’s easy to get fooled.
It’s time your team stepped up to something real.

We pioneered Beginning-to-End Performance Testing.
Deep analysis, and hundreds of features let you fine-tune your tests to mimic real world conditions…before you launch.
And improve response times at every build.
Our cloud…or behind your firewall.

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Appvance is 20X faster than LoadRunner®

20 years newer…and 20X faster.

Put your team in the fast lane.

Check out the 3rd party benchmark and see for yourself:

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The Next Generation of automated software Testing Has Arrived

The First True Beginning-to-End Performance Testing (UX to back-end)
Create and run tests 20X Faster than what you have been using
Agile, Ajax, Websites, HTML5, Native Mobile, & protocol-level
Our cloud…or behind your firewall
And all at a lower cost than other tools

It’s what everyone is talking about…
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Drive Response Times to 500ms:
Faster than ever before.

Create complex performance tests running in real browsers.

And put the root cause of bottlenecks at your fingertips.

At a lower cost than other tools.

It’s what everyone is talking about…
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The Appvance Unified Test Platform
The first new corporate-wide automated test platform in 20 years.
Customers and press call it Disruptive. Modern. A Game-Changer.

Automated functional and performance testing all in one with complete re-use of functional tests for performance tests 2X productivity gain in QA. Write once and use for functional, performance, load, APM tests

Test all code beginning-to-end (client side and server side) for all tests including functional and actual UX-level performance (rather than just old-school load tests.) Simulate the real user experience (true performance testing) and include critical client-side code in all tests and surface issues across the entire code base. Simple load test tools leave out client-side code creating huge risks for QA and providing incorrect and incomplete response time data

Advanced next generation scriptless recorder & designer with lowest-brittleness automated test case script creation 10X to 20X script generation and editing improvement (measured test engineer productivity) over old recorders and far less brittle scripts. Uses advanced object recognition (ie not xpath) to require little to no coding or scripting for 90%+ of all applications

Record/Play/Test HTML5, Ajax, JS, Oracle Fuse/Fusion/Forms, Java thick clients (Swing), Citrix, Windows .exe, ActiveX, Mobile, Flex/Flash etc. Test everything in one standardized corporate test platform. Standard reports and features for all application types

24x7 support worldwide from USA, India and Costa Rica with rapid turn (<24hr) patches for new elements under test Keep your team testing even when new elements and unique code comes along. No one else delivers changes faster!

Complete REST interface to all features allows fast integration to other systems and full external control of platform Integrate with what you use today and what will come tomorrow. The Appvance platform will never be obsolete

Easily data-drive all tests from csv or db files and even create data dependencies without coding Make QA teams highly productive by making all functional and performance tests data-driven representing thousands (or millions) of different users and use cases without rewriting or any coding. Simple drag & drop to data-enable antything

Run tests on all or any combination of browsers. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Webkit etc. Helps QA see functional and performance issues in different browsers to be able to address them in development

Run functional and performance tests at the UX level and API level at the same time Provides QA with functional and performance criteria and timing at all levels of interface to help surface issues faster and improve application performance

Run all major open-source scripts like Selenium, 
 JUnit, Selenium RC
, Webdriver, Perl, JMeter, 
, Visual Basic,
 .NET C#,
 Groovy, Sahi, 
, HTTP Archive (HAR)
 QTP Lets QA testers create tests in their favorite language and use in conjunction with other languages all on the same platform - even at the same time in the same test

Integrated with all major Agile/CI systems such as Jenkins, Hudson, Rally, Bamboo etc. Allows QA to be or become fully agile and integrate with whatever Continuous Integration / Continuous Improvement system you choose. Automatically launch functional and performance tests at every build

Ramp tests from 1 user to 1M+ users behind the firewall, in the cloud, or both. Major cloud providers already built in. Appvance installs fully behind your firewall, on-prem or in the cloud, or hybrid. Run tests wherever and whenever you want

Create highly complex test scenarios without coding including variable step times, ramp times, intervals and even unique IP addresses for each simulated user QA teams can create the most realistic variable simulated users rapidly that emulate real life at the UX level or API level or both

Pause tests during runtime and continue later when you and your app are ready Lets QA and IT watch live results, pause, and change the application setup midstream - even change the test parameters - and then continue testing, often saving hours versus starting over when errors or issues occur

Unmatched reporting of data including over 50 data points for all use cases beyond transaction times and down to each page element at the UX and API level See all timing to the most granular level ever available

APCMonitor provides large set of synchronized server statistics including CPU, memory, HEAP, IO etc. Get all server metrics within the same unified reports

Save detailed error page analysis including stack trace, page code and full page jpg's Quickly identify what went wrong so development can hone in on what to fix

Integrates with all popular APM tools such as New Relic, AppDynamics and Dynatrace Direct integration with APM pulls deeper data from code analysis into Appvance reports for even quicker identification of code and architecture issues

True hands-on support includes designing and writing and running tests if needed Appvance Solution Architects are true solutions consultants who will do whatever it takes to make you successful. All included in the standard software support contract

Two day on-site in-depth training course will touch on some 300 features Hands on with our experts who come to your site anywhere in the world to train your QA team and even help them complete their first automated tests against your applications. They will be more productive than ever before within the week

Software License includes a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. In writing. Appvance is so convinced you will never look back at your old tools, if you are not completely satisfied, you get a full refund.
No questions asked